Well That Was Unexpected

Let’s go back to random topics of conversation like the last post. Remember the one where I was all worried about not having a job? I suppose that post was a bit of a drag but I was really down in the dumps. You would think after all these times that God’s been like ‘I got this’, I would actually trust Him. Maybe one day I’ll figure that out.

Anyways, probably a week after my last post I found out that the company was keeping our two lab positions and we’re getting absorbed into a new team. The new team is basically my old team minus one and plus a few more. Obviously, me being me, I cried. I was so happy, it was like I could finally take a deep breath after months of gasping for air. A huge weight was lifted off of me that day and I’ve honestly been just so much happier since.

There is still stress though because if you remember, I had a few applications out there in the company. There was one that I really wanted, it was a data analyst position in the segment that I wanted to stay in. However, I was like it won’t pan out anyways, I’ll just enjoy my deep breaths for now and start applying again in a few months.

Well I got a call for a phone interview for that very position. I was just thinking it was a pity interview because most people still thought I was losing my job. I told them in the interview that my job was staying but I still wanted to pursue this job. Thinking, yeah there is no way they’ll call me in for an actual panel interview. For clarity, I work in R&D and this job is in supply chain management so it’s a bit out of my wheelhouse but still within my interests. Not only do I have no experience in that area but it’s also a whole level higher than my current position.

Well….. They called me less than a week later to set up a time for an actual interview. Holy crap, I am in no way ok to be in this interview, I’m out of my league. There is no possible way that this goes well.

Turns out, I actually interview pretty well when I don’t have the stress of losing my job hanging over me. Anyways, I had the interview, I thought it actually went ok- still thought there was absolutely no way though. So on Friday, I’m out of office with my new R&D team doing some team building stuff and I MISSED THE MESSAGE FROM THE HIRING MANAGER. So I had to wait until Monday, this morning, to chat with him. I finally get a chance to talk to him and he gets on the call and tells me that he wants to give me feedback on my interview. Duh duh duh, yep sounds like I’m not getting the position. Which is fine, I’m sad but I was ok staying in my current position for a while, at least I have a job.

So he gives me a little feedback and basically said I did an awesome job and they would like to offer me the job…

I’m sorry, what?

So yeah I just got a super fancy job in data analytics just like I wanted, within the same company that I wanted, with more money AND I get to work from home. It’s absolute insanity, last month I was in complete despair about my job situation and this month I had to choose between two jobs that I actually enjoy. Well done God, sorry I doubted you again. It’s been a super rough year and some, but it looks like things might be turning around.

I am super excited and also terrified. I’ve worked in the lab for a long time now, so this is really getting out of my comfort zone but I think I’m ready for a little change in scenery…. I think. So yeah, I’m going to go throw up now.

Random update: I won a 5k obstacle course race thing over the weekend and was feeling pretty good about myself. A few days later I twisted my knee skateboarding. Now I can barely run 2 miles. A minor setback, I will learn to juggle and skateboard, once I get a better brace…. and maybe a doctor visit….. Also I just turned 29 so I’m only slightly panicking about getting old now.

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