About This Site

I know that marriage is hard. I know that every marriage is different. I know that everyone who marries brings along their own set of baggage that both parties must deal with.

This blog is the story of my marriage and I’m choosing to share my journey for two reasons: I want to take control of my life and I want to inspire others to take control of theirs.

This is the journey of taking back my life from a narcissistic spouse.

Latest from the Blog

The Struggle

You know what I think is stupid, marriage. This whole idea that you should emotionally bind yourself to someone is awful. We feel safe in marriage, we feel like we finally have some one that understands, that will love you and take care of you. So we give ourselves completely to another person and let … Continue reading The Struggle

Mood Swings

Man, I feel like I am going through some weird hormonal crap right now. I don’t think I usually have what you would call mood swings or anything. I’m usually pretty calm and even keeled. I think I still am on the outside though for the most part, or so people say. I’ve been told … Continue reading Mood Swings

Bad Days

Look at me, already writing on here. Mainly I’m writing because I’m having a bit of a bad day again. I usually have ok days where I can focus on other things and stuff but I’ve been at my moms for a week now due to work schedules. It’s nice because I have a little … Continue reading Bad Days