About This Site

I know that marriage is hard. I know that every marriage is different. I know that everyone who marries brings along their own set of baggage that both parties must deal with.

This blog is the story of my marriage and I’m choosing to share my journey for two reasons: I want to take control of my life and I want to inspire others to take control of theirs.

This is the journey of taking back my life from a narcissistic spouse.

Latest from the Blog

Well That Was Unexpected

Let’s go back to random topics of conversation like the last post. Remember the one where I was all worried about not having a job? I suppose that post was a bit of a drag but I was really down in the dumps. You would think after all these times that God’s been like ‘I…

Selling Myself

No, I’m not talking about selling feet photographs on the internet…. I suppose this is a bit of a random topic but it’s been consuming my life recently and I actually feel like I’m constantly selling a part of myself – aka, I’m looking for a job. The problem with this job search is that…

Still Here

Alright, so I’m back. I’ve actually written quite a few entries but I never posted them- I’m not entirely sure why. They were all about my struggles with losing my dachshund and to be honest, I still can’t talk about it without crying and I just didn’t feel like doing this anymore. I’m getting over…